We consider the health and safety of all staff to be our company's top priority. Being in a high-risk industry, we take a serious and active approach to all safety issues, ensuring that work is performed in the safest possible manner consistent with the Occupational Health & Safety Act, and any applicable regulations and Industry standards. 

Through a comprehensive training and certification program (provided upon request), routine safety meetings and active risk mitigation practices, monthly to bi-monthly on-site mock rescues, and an internal company health and safety rule book, we have built a solid and safe foundation. From this we continue to grow and evolve into a leader in the window cleaning industry in central Alberta.

All employees and management go through reaccreditation in order to keep all safety tickets, certificates and licensing valid according to industry standards.
Our employees have: 

  • COR Safety Program
  • IRATA Certified - Rope Access Technicians
  • Advanced Fall Protection and Rescue
  • Aerial Access Operating Certificate and License CRP50 Swingstage Certificate
  • CPR and First Aid Trained Employee on Every Site
  • Paneless ensures there is always an experienced highly trained manager on site while the work is being performed, and that all work being done complies with OH&S Rules and Regulations.