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We Provide Professional Pressure Washing Services in Edmonton & area

Paneless Property Services has been providing pressure washing services in Edmonton for over 25 years, and we fully understand that not every job will turn out as one might hope. This is why we like to do a pre-site visit to see if we can work with the siding materials and weathering that has already occurred and still achieve the client’s desired goal. 

To do a good job pressure cleaning requires experience, patience, and a thorough pre-job inspection to ensure the proper results will be accomplished, using water and soft brushes while avoiding applying harsh chemicals. 

We avoid using harmful chemicals, acids, and heavy soaps which can cause unwanted discoloration and damage to the siding, landscaping, environment, and the health of our employees. 

We specialize in pressure washing awning, vinyl siding & decking, concrete siding, sidewalks, and patio cleaning. We can turn grimy, weathered, and dirty exteriors into fresh, clean, and sparkly facades. 

Call us for an on-site consultation and/or a free estimate, we’d love to help freshen up the exterior of your business, building, condo, storefront, awnings, and/or home. 

Pressure Cleaning – Pressure Washing
Edmonton Building Exterior Cleaning Experts: 25+ years

Edmonton & Surrounding area

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pressure cleaning all about the amount of pressure applied to a surface to get the best results?

No, you actually want to avoid having full pressure on most siding/ materials as this can cause moisture to get in behind the materials and cause other issues. You want to find a  balance between using the right amount of pressure, water volume, natural soap or detergent  (degreaser), and possibly a soft-bristled brush to get the best results. 

Is there a limit to how high you can pressure clean up a building or structure?

No, we can pretty much reach up as high as we need to do a great job. We tend to focus more on mid to low-rise buildings for pressure cleaning, but there are no height restrictions for this service.  

Can you restore weathered or stained siding back to its original appearance through pressure or soft washing?

Unfortunately, pressure cleaning does not fully restore the original look of most buildings, however, we can do an amazing job to bring back the cleanliness and freshness of a building, signage, awnings, etc. by doing a thorough soft washing with brushes and pressure.

Pressure WashingPressure Cleaning
Edmonton Building Exterior Cleaning Experts: 25+ years

Edmonton & Surrounding area

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We specialize in

✔︎ Low Rise

✔︎ Man-Lift Access

✔︎ Post-Construction

✔︎ Exterior siding cleaning

✔︎ Awning & Sign cleaning

✔︎ Walks, decks, garage floor and
garbage enclosure cleaning

✔︎ Other Exterior Preventative Maintenance Cleaning


We understand you are short on time and need your property or home
cleaned quickly, hassle-free, and at a competitive price. That’s why we
focus on your specific needs and address any issues immediately.

We stand by fast turnaround times, great rapport with our customers and
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No gimmicks, no unsatisfied customers, just exceptional service and 25 yrs of cleaning and maintenance experience.


Our technicians are certified in Fall Protection, First Aid and have extensive in-house and third-party training while backed by a COR Safety Program.


The attention to detail of our workmanship is unrivaled in our industry. We deliver on our word to ensure each job is completed to the highest quality.

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No Job is Too Large or Small

Paneless is the one-stop solution for anyone who demands fast, reliable, and cost-effective property cleaning services.


✔︎ Condo/ Strata Managed Buildings
✔︎ Commercial/ Office Buildings
✔︎ Business/ Store Fronts
✔︎ Government/ Municipal Buildings 
✔︎ Schools & Institutions
✔︎ Seniors Facilities 
✔︎ Car dealerships
✔︎ Sports Facilities/ Entertainment Venues
✔︎ Residential Homes

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Maintenance Packages

As a cleaning and maintenance company, we strongly recommend our customers establish an annual plan. 

We offer Cleaning & Maintenance Packages which address your Spring, Summer and Fall needs at reduced pricing. This includes priority scheduling, regularly scheduled services, maintenance inspections and checks, and multi-year fixed pricing; no commitment if you’re not satisfied.

Spring Package

Window Cleaning

Eavestrough (Gutter) Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repairs

Soft Wash / Pressure Cleaning

*Discounted Rates

Summer Package

Window Cleaning

Eavestrough (Gutter) Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repairs

Soft Wash / Pressure Cleaning

*Discounted Rates

Fall Package

Window Cleaning

Eavestrough (Gutter) Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repairs

Soft Wash / Pressure Cleaning

*Discounted Rates

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