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Paneless Window Cleaning – Edmonton & area – 25 Years

Edmonton Window CleaningPressure WashingEavestrough Cleaning
We specialize in cleaning exterior buildings, condos, commercial buildings, offices, etc.

Paneless Window Cleaning is a local Edmonton Window, Eavestrough, and Pressure Cleaning company established in 1995. The business was built on the foundation of solid team values created by two best friends, Matt and Chris. Together, they have dedicated their business focus to providing the best customer experience, executed by an amazing team of technicians and admin staff.

Edmonton Window Cleaners Matt & Chris and the Edmonton window washing team.

Edmonton Window CleaningPressure WashingEavestrough Cleaning
Edmonton Building Exterior Cleaning Experts: 25+ years

Edmonton & Surrounding area

We pride ourselves on being a local company that connects with our clients, building lasting relationships and customer satisfaction while always being strong supporters of our community. Paneless Window Cleaning brings years of experience and expertise to the Edmonton area, delivering an accountable team culture while providing excellent quality service at competitive pricing. We excel at building an exceptional team of committed staff driven and focused on safety while producing great results for our clients. Our systems are developed to make working with Paneless a very easy, reliable, and hassle-free process.

We’ve learned commercial window, eavestrough, and pressure cleaning are services that require the best equipment available, and we’ve researched and invested in the most advanced equipment and technology to run our teams and admin systems. We are always upgrading and seeking improvements in our systems, training, and equipment. To provide our clients with the safest and best customer service, we have established digital systems backed by polite and courteous staff. Our team culture is built on our five core values of Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, and Safety, allowing us to operate confidently and consistently in delivering the best service and the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

We can accommodate any scheduling needs while guaranteeing you a professional, on-time, and safely executed service… every time. 
We are your hassle-free exterior cleaning solution.

When you contact us for a free estimate, you will receive it within 48 hours, and a professional and courteous admin staff will handle any of your questions, concerns, and/or scheduling needs. When hiring Paneless Window Cleaning, you can rest assured the service will be executed with the highest standards and delivered by a rigorously trained and COR safety-certified team. We stand by our customer satisfaction guarantee and will communicate to ensure you are happy with our service upon completing the work.

Pressure WashingEavestrough Cleaning – Commercial Window Cleaning
Edmonton Building Exterior Cleaning Experts: 25+ years

Edmonton & Surrounding area

We Love Our Clients
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edmonton pressure washing client
Edmonton commercial window washing service provider
gutter cleaning & Edmonton commercial window washing company client
Edmonton commercial window washing for Alberta government offices
city of Edmonton window washers & building cleaners
edmonton condo building window washers & pressure washers client
edmonton commercial building exterior pressure washing  & window cleaning services client

Edmonton Window Cleaning Experts: 

No matter the size or scope of your project, we can access and clean your windows safely. We can produce perfectly clean windows at any height using traditional squeegee and/or water-fed pole cleaning methods. Our water-fed pole system uses a 4-stage filtration process to produce pure water, allowing us to safely clean windows from the ground with carbon fiber poles. The results are absolutely incredible, as we can clean the glass and the window frames with perfect results.
MORE INFORMATION: Edmonton Window Cleaning Services

Edmonton Window Cleaning Company - washing building windows Window Washing Edmonton - washer cleaning windows

Paneless Window Cleaning is proud to have an industry-leading COR Safety Certified Program, and have been externally audited by ACSA to meet the highest safety standards in our industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide free window cleaning estimates?

We are happy to provide free window cleaning estimates and can meet on-site to go over any specifics regarding your project. We are also available to talk on the phone to answer any questions and address any concerns regarding your site-specific window cleaning needs. Site assessments really help customers to understand what services are required, and what options are available for specific window cleaning projects. 

What methods are used for window cleaning?

Our window cleaning projects always start with a hazard assessment and safety plan. We have different techniques to clean windows depending on site-specific requirements. If the windows are extra dirty and require a post-construction cleaning or extra cleaning, we can use a ladder or man lift access to remove any material such as paint, glue, stickers etc. 
If the windows require a regular maintenance cleaning, we can use our water-fed pole system. This system involves a 4 stage water purification system that we use on-site to remove all the hard minerals from the water. The pure water is pumped out hosing and up to brushes on the ends of our specialized poles which can reach up to 65 feet. The technician uses the pole and brush to scrub the window and frame and then rinses the window with pure water. The water dries spot free leaving a perfectly clean window.
We always guarantee all of our window cleaning work and will ensure customer satisfaction. 

Is the window cleaning done safely and am I liable for work Paneless does on my property? 

No, you are not liable for Paneless Window Cleaning employees and the work performed. Paneless does carry 5 million commercial general liability insurance and all of our workers have WCB coverage. On top of that, we are a COR certified, company which means that we have a rigorous, documented safety program that is audited by an external third party. We have built a COR safety program for the safety and wellbeing of our window cleaning staff at Paneless, as well as the safety and peace of mind of our clients. 

Edmonton Commercial Eavestrough cleaning:

We safely access and clean your eavestroughs by ladder, man lift, or rope access to remove all debris from the gutters by hand. We then flush the eavestroughs and downspouts with water to ensure they are perfectly clean and flowing for proper drainage. The water flushing allows us to assess the function and condition of the eavestroughs to ensure that the settings are correct and that the troughs do not have any leaks. To complete the job, we clean the exterior of the trough and the debris that’s fallen to the ground, and we dispose of any material that’s been removed. We can produce a report of the condition of the eavestroughs, including pictures, to ensure the cleanliness and any potential problem areas are communicated effectively.
MORE INFORMATION: Edmonton Eavestrough Cleaning Services

Eaves trough Cleaning Edmonton - gutters cleaned on building

Edmonton Pressure Cleaning:

We have perfected exterior building cleaning through years of research and practice. Our staff can produce incredible results with the use of pressure cleaners and biodegradable soaps. We often include brush and towel detailing when necessary, so as to achieve excellent results, and to ensure all the minor details are attended to.  

After long Canadian winters, dust and grime buildup is a big job… however, we are equipped to handle any size job, and execute the work with attention to detail with excellent results; your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We can focus on cleaning the siding of buildings, awnings, signage, storefronts, garages, ramps & walkways, decks, and entrance areas.  
MORE INFORMATION: Edmonton Pressure Washing Services

Edmonton Pressure Cleaning Service - pressure washing building

Commercial Window CleaningEavestrough CleaningPressure Washing
Edmonton Building Exterior Cleaning Experts: 25+ years

Edmonton & Surrounding area

We have built a team and systems with incredible people to take care of your cleaning needs from start to finish. We are a humble company that truly values and appreciates our clients, we do what it takes to ensure our clients are satisfied and are always grateful for the business we receive.

We strive to develop long-term working relationships with our clients and pride ourselves on being an Edmonton-based business for 29 years, having established close relationships with many of our clients over decades in business.

Commercial Window Washing - Edmonton - Pressure Washing - Paneless Property Services logo

We provide exceptional service and experience to all our customers. If you are busy and short on time, we are your hassle-free, cost-effective, and professional commercial cleaning solution.

Edmonton Condo Window Cleaning by Professional
Commercial Window Cleaning
Edmonton Eavestrough & Gutter Cleaning by a Professional
Eavestrough / Gutter Cleaning & Maintenance
Edmonton Pressure Cleaning & Soft Washing by an Expert
Pressure Cleaning / Soft Washing
What Our Customers Are Saying


Our Condominium Corporation has used Paneless Window Cleaning since 2004. Their focus on customer service, building relationships, and quality work set them above other companies. We would highly recommend Paneless Window Cleaning to any organization that values quality, professionalism and promptness.

Raymond C


Paneless does a wonderful job!!! We have been SUPER happy with their work, and their crews are second to none.

Caroline A


Paneless does a great job on our windows and is wonderful to work with!

Tammy F


I just had my windows cleaned by some young men from your company. I just want to let you know they were most diligent, courteous and capable. I was thoroughly impressed. One young man with a blue t-shirt and ball cap did my windows. I thanked him and asked if he would like a bottle of water. He graciously declined. Young people sometimes get a bad reputation, but these fellows did an exemplary job and I would feel comfortable recommending your company to anyone who asks.

Diane E

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Where We Service

Paneless has been serving the greater Edmonton area since 1995. We feel proud to be leaders and pioneers in the Edmonton window cleaning and exterior property service industry.


✔︎ Edmonton
✔︎ Sherwood Park
✔︎ St. Albert
✔︎ Fort Saskatchewan
✔︎ Red Deer
✔︎ Morinville
✔︎ Leduc
✔︎ Stony Plain

✔︎ Spruce Grove
✔︎ Acheson
✔︎ Nisku
✔︎ Beaumont
✔︎ Camrose
✔︎ Wetaskiwin
✔︎ Lloydminster
✔︎ Westlock

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From the first communication with Paneless Window Cleaning, you will experience a level of professionalism and expertise that will immediately impress.

With extensive knowledge and a passion for what we do, the Paneless team delivers on its pledge of 100% satisfaction.

Quality Property Maintenance Services in Edmonton

The attention to detail of our workmanship is unrivaled in our industry. We deliver on our word to ensure each job is completed to the highest quality.

Professional Property Maintenance Services in Edmonton

We focus on your needs and concerns, address any issues immediately, and provide you with the necessary information to put your mind at ease.

Property Maintenance Services in Edmonton - Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

We stand by our commitment to exceptional service and 100% satisfaction, or we’ll come back and make it right!

We Love Our Clients
edmonton commercial window cleaning client
edmonton pressure washing client
Edmonton commercial window washing service provider
gutter cleaning & Edmonton commercial window washing company client
Edmonton commercial window washing for Alberta government offices
city of Edmonton window washers & building cleaners
edmonton condo building window washers & pressure washers client
edmonton commercial building exterior pressure washing  & window cleaning services client
Our Guarantee

With excellence, efficiency, and safety as our focus, and customer service at our core, we guarantee 100% satisfaction—or we’ll come back and make it right within 24 hours.