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We Provide Professional Eavestrough Cleaning Services in Edmonton & area

Paneless Property Services has been inspecting, maintaining, and cleaning eavestroughs in the Edmonton area since 1995. We take great pride and enjoy the challenge and responsibility of providing this important preventative maintenance service to your home, office, business,  institution, and/or condo complex on a regular basis. 

We strongly recommend you have an annual plan to inspect and clean your eavestroughs and consider having them cleaned once or twice a year, or at least once every couple of years. The frequency depends on the height of the eaves, the number of trees in the area, and what material lands on the roof of the property which inevitably ends up in your eavestroughs. The main concern is that once issues arise they often happen during large rain storms or winter/spring melts, potentially causing flooding or other hazards.

We like to start each eavestrough cleaning with a thorough analysis of the site and specific eavestrough layout, looking closely at the downspouts and potential trouble spots. We clean all of the eavestroughs by hand and bag all the debris so as not to leave a mess on your property, and we remove all the debris from the site. We flush out the eavestroughs, downspouts, elbows, and outflows with water to ensure consistent flow and ensure all debris has been removed. 

If we see issues, we can produce a report with pictures to demonstrate any areas of concern. We can help with minor repairs, although we don’t do major repairs or installation, we do work closely with several companies that offer these services. 

We offer discounts on eavestrough cleaning done in April, August, and September. We also offer discounts when eavestrough cleaning is combined with either window cleaning or pressure cleaning as a package deal (please call about our package specials). We also offer multi-year price freeze agreements along with annual high-season priority scheduling options. 

Our Gutter cleaning staff is fully trained and versed in cleaning eavestroughs by ladder, man-lift, and rope access, and take pride in the quality of our service. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get my eavestroughs cleaned?

We strongly recommend at least once a year for a thorough cleaning, even if you do not have trees nearby, as storms, shingle degradation, construction in the area, ravines, and tree debris can blow in from a distance and cause blockage affecting proper water management. 

Why is gutter cleaning necessary?

Eavestroughs are important in keeping a property free from flooding, erosion, exterior weathering, ice damming, exterior property aesthetic staining & damages, and mold & mildew build-up. Cleaning your eavestroughs helps to protect against these issues and prevents building envelope issues in the future.

When is the best time to get my eavestroughs cleaned?

For buildings in Edmonton, we recommend setting up either a once-a-year cleaning & inspection every Fall, around early to mid-October, or even better, scheduling an intensive cleaning and inspection in the Fall, and a lighter cleaning in the Spring around late May, this way your eavestrough will be running and flowing for the heavy rains/flash storms of summer, and flowing in the melt/freeze of spring, once cleaned out in October. 

Does Eavestrough cleaning affect possible insurance claims?

Yes, the lack of maintenance and cleaning of your eavestroughs can cause issues if you were to have a flood in your house due to an eavestrough being clogged and not having been properly cleaned and/or maintained over the years. An insurance company may look at this as a lack of proper preventative maintenance and upkeep, which can affect your position in a claim. 

Can you clean my high building windows or eavestroughs?

Yes, we can work safely at heights with ladders, man lifts, rope access, and water-fed poles, and all of our staff are rigorously trained and certified in fall protection. You can contract us confidently knowing we are a COR-certified company that safely executes tasks by always completing a formal hazard assessment prior to commencing work. 

What insurance coverage do you have?

We have commercial general liability insurance of $5,000,000 per occurrence, WCB coverage, and are a COR safety-certified company. 

Can you guys do the cleaning monthly, or can we set up a schedule?

We can accommodate any scheduling needs and are happy to set up multi-year cleanings on the schedule of your choice; we can also do weekly, monthly, or bi-annual cleanings, whatever you like. Once you let us know what you would like done, we can schedule the work accordingly, and we will send reminders for cleaning dates. 

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As a cleaning and maintenance company, we strongly recommend our customers establish an annual plan. 

We offer Cleaning & Maintenance Packages which address your Spring, Summer and Fall needs at reduced pricing. This includes priority scheduling, regularly scheduled services, maintenance inspections and checks, and multi-year fixed pricing; no commitment if you’re not satisfied.

Spring Package

Window Cleaning

Eavestrough (Gutter) Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repairs

Soft Wash / Pressure Cleaning

*Discounted Rates

Summer Package

Window Cleaning

Eavestrough (Gutter) Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repairs

Soft Wash / Pressure Cleaning

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Fall Package

Window Cleaning

Eavestrough (Gutter) Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repairs

Soft Wash / Pressure Cleaning

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